Be a sustainability apparel industry

STROPHE aim to provide high-quality fashion products to our customers. Although we have a deep understanding of fashion trend, we emphasis craftsmanship more than fashion. 

In Japan, there are more than 3 billion tons of cloth being discarded (not to say the number is 11 billion tons in the U.S.). Burning every kilogram of these wasted cloths will create nearly two kilograms of carbon dioxide, severely threatening our environment. STROPHE treats this problem seriously and commits to making high-quality and high-durable products in order to reduce such waste. 

We Never Chase, We Create Fashion

STROPHE also emphasizes innovations. We have developed the word first software for fashion selection based on CAD system with augmented reality (AR) and 3DCG technologies, customers can use mobile devices or tablet to browse our products in real-time. It only takes three days for STROPHE to deliver high-quality, individual-tailored clothes, which is much faster than an average of two week period by industry standards. STROPHE innovative design methods also can reduce material usage by 15% without creating side material. In the future, STROPHE plans to continually expanding our software to automatically collecting user preferences and behavior data and use data analysis technologies to further improve the quality of products. 

In 2002, STROPHE was established in Japan. At the start, STROPHE mainly undertake customized fashion design and production. We have business connections between Japan and China to provide fast and convenient ODM/OEM service. Until now, STROPHE can provide sample design, instruction book writing, Large-scale production management, as well as international trading services. We are making sure that our oversea customers can enjoy high-speed, high-quality services.

STROPHE also established suppliers from China, Japan and Europe that can meet all design needs from special fabric to accessory material. STROPHE always follows the trend of the market to create high-value products for our customers.  

The Huzhou Hanhe Fashion Factory was founded in 2004 and completed the construction of the new plant in 2014. Carrying out the business philosophy of STROPHE Co., Ltd., it is not satisfied with the traditional manufacturing method but is pursuing to create own social values. It is a research and development oriented enterprise that integrates design, development and production.

It is the pursuit of the ultimate craftmanship and strict quality management that Huzhou Hanhe Fashion Factory has made its product that can rival or even surplus any other Japanese manufacturers. It mainly provides high-grade knitting services and has accumulated high trust and assessment from Japanese customers.

STROPHE’s own brand Strophe luex Tokyo and were born with the support of its profound technologies. STROPHE’s designers would always spend months to refine every detail of the product. With strictly selected materials and dedicated design, each product takes consideration of every aspect of customer needs. We make sure that every product is worthy.