We are research and development company of apparel. Our philosophy is doing the challenge and creating new value for the world by fashion and apparel always.

Through the idea, passion, and energy of many engineers, we challenge to create new value. And accumulated high assessment from many customers for our production.

We create immutable value in the mutable world.

It is the pursuit of the ultimate craftsmanship and strict quality management that Huzhou Hanhe Fashion Factory has made its product that can rival or even surplus any other Japanese manufacturers.
We gather all materials in one factory, it contrasts with the common factory only do the one thing in the apparel industry.
—See Overview of our factory equipment

We have

——————Knit Line——————

——————Fabric Line——————

——————R&D Line——————

To do above things we gather specialist from all lines
and introduce the latest system to manage materials.

We present

——————Stress-free Wear——————

——————Over Fashion Life Style——————

——————Perfect Quality——————

We develop new value with the latest technology and respect traditional culture.
We are doing top-quality manufacturing in China and send products that people are impressed.